I Will Always Love You

When I first heard
your voice, a tingle
touched my heart.

I stayed awake
not wanting to sleep
hoping the feeling
would last.

The next day
I heard you again
and found
it hard to keep
my breath.

My heart pounding
inside my chest.

I tried to
picture what you
looked like, a vision
of an angel I held inside.

I'd never tire
when talking with you.

Listening to your
sweet voice the whole
day through.

We'd share laughs
and I'd picture your smile.

Silently wishing
that I'd see it in time.

If I could have met
you that minute, it
would have been
a minute too late.

Because what brought
us together was destiny.

A life time of wait.

Take care
of each-other, for
a love such as this
you'll find no other.

I gazed
into your beautiful eyes
and became lost
in the splendour of you.

A feeling
overwhelmed me.

A feeling of truth.

I knew, right there
and then.

That I will
always love you.

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