The Darkness

The Deceiver,
The Darkness,
With a veil of light,
Light is not what you are,
You are the shadow,
The evil shadow,
The bringer of pain,
The inflictor of agony,
The darkness that hides in the vault of light,
The leech that feed on true goodness,
The vampire that stalk the good
and drinks in the light
Devourer of the truth
Drinker of pain

Pain sustains you
Pain give you life
My pain is no longer
Yours to have
You cant have it
Its mine
I wont sustain you
I wont give you life
Its not yours
No not anymore
You have no power
No influnce
No strenght
Im not yours
I never have been
And i will never be

Though there are other source
You wont have me
Never me
And soon they too will learn
That you are an illusion
You require pain
But it wont be mine

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