A promise
A promise

Is it now meaning something
That it didn't mean then

A favor
What flavor?

Am I the one you want
Or just something now to savor

A hug?
A kiss?

Something fleeting

Temporarily missed

What do I mean to you?
What do I mean now?

When you kiss me baby
What does it mean to you

Do you taste my lips
My breath
Tell me what to you is sweet

Do you hold me tightly
Will I make you complete?

A promise

Is a promise

I will never forget

How you made me feel
Now, then and in between

The times you were nice

The times you were mean

Will we find a way
For us to be clean?

Will you hold me tightly
Will you kiss me each night

Will you fight to be with me baby?
Will you fight the good fight?

When we're not together
Will I be in your heart

A promise is a promise
Reminding me
Is a start

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